An excerpt from “Assorted Ramblings of a Different Young Adult”

(Originally written on Dec 8, 2016.)

When it comes to dating, I’ve always advocated the idea of meeting your potential significant other while out somewhere. I might just be romanticizing the scenario, having seen my fair share of romantic comedies. In any case, it’s one of the reasons I refused to resort to online dating for a long time.

Yesterday, though, I finally caved in.

Let’s face it: as an introverted male with Asperger’s, my chances of finding a girlfriend by “normal” means are damn near infinitesimal. Then again, what’s considered normal in regards to dating may be more subjective than I suspect. But in this case, by “normal”, I mean the scenario I described above.

The immediate problem, however, is that I barely ever leave the house. I do go to bars on occasion, but I never go to bars with the intention of scouting for a potential partner. Then again, I never go to bars alone either. If I do, I’ll have at least one friend with me. And that tends to block off the entire idea of looking for someone to possibly get romantically involved with.

Even if I go somewhere alone – which, I should say, is a relatively rare occurrence at this point – I still don’t go with that mentality. I used to, but when I kept failing to muster up the courage to talk to individuals of the opposite sex, it stopped quickly.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time I’ve given online dating a go. I tried it once before for a few months (before I started writing these). But the extent of my trying was merely creating a profile on a dating site and sitting idly by. And that’s a mistake I certainly won’t repeat.

“Assorted Ramblings” reaches the halfway point!

Well, it’s not at the actual halfway point just yet, but it’s close enough to it that I figured I’d post this update on its progress.

So I wrote the 49th entry out of 100 for Assorted Ramblings of a Different Young Adult yesterday, thus marking the almost-halfway point of its completion. It’s taken me just under 7 months to get it to this point, but it’s been worth it.

When it’ll be fully complete, I can’t say yet. Maybe it’ll take another 7 months. Maybe less than that. Maybe more. One thing I can say for certain, though: it will see its full completion, unlike all of my previous attempts at writing a book.

Oh yeah, and speaking of the book, I might publish a rambling off of it as a preview of sorts in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

With all that said, I hope you’re looking forward to the book as much as I am.

Bye for now!

Announcing “Assorted Ramblings of a Different Young Adult”!


Well, it’s been a while again, hasn’t it? Either way, I hereby announce a new (and slightly different from my usual repertoire) project – Assorted Ramblings of a Different Young Adult!

I got the idea for this project almost four months ago and have been working on it ever since, but I didn’t want to announce it until I saw it was “done” enough. In any case, this project is essentially me keeping a diary of sorts where I write down my thoughts whenever I feel up to it. I’m planning for the “diary” to consist of 100 entries, and at the time of writing this announcement, I’m a little less than 30% done.

There are a few ways in which this project differs from your average diary written by a teenage girl. First and foremost, I don’t write it on a daily basis, but rather, I write it on days I feel inspired to write. Secondly, the emphasis of the project is less on reciting the events of the day and more so on contemplating and discussing various subjects. Thirdly, I’m not a teenage girl, but a 20-something-year-old male.

I’m not promising anything yet, but chances are I’ll “release” a rambling or two as a preview of sorts in the coming months.

Stay tuned, and bye for now!

Change of plans regarding Nomad


I know I’ve been kind of silent about Nomad lately, stating that it’d be on hold indefinitely, but I figured I’d give you a small update regarding a change of plans as far as Nomad is concerned.

Said change of plans is that Nomad will be solely a written work project from now on. To be entirely honest, though, I have no real reason for deciding to scrap the concept album side of it. Either way, instead of being a concept album and a novel, Nomad will now be only a novel.

Speaking of Nomad, I have a few new ideas for the story, so it might come back from its hiatus soon enough.

But until then, stay tuned!

Nomad on hold indefinitely


I hereby sadly announce that Nomad will be on hold indefinitely. After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that it’s best to finish up at least one project before deciding to continue on it.

For a brief lowdown of my current projects alongside Nomad, there’s Deliverance 2600, MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX and a map for the Doom community project Nova III (which is almost finished). There’s also a new writing-based project which I started out just last night, but I’ll save the details about that for an undetermined future date.

I’m thinking I’ll at least finish up the Nova III map and MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX before continuing on Nomad. With enough luck, getting them to completion won’t take too long.

And that’s that for today. Bye!

Announcing Nomad!


So I just finished livestreaming on a few minutes ago… But what is the relevance of me livestreaming when the topic is announcing a project? Well, you see, the livestream is where I announced the project.

Actually it’s less of an announcement and more of a reveal, since I’ve already talked about the project ever so briefly on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in a YouTube vlog. Anyway, I hereby announce Nomad!

Nomad is essentially a multimedia project that’ll combine music and fictional prose. My intention is to write a novel (which I actually am in the process of writing of now) and produce a concept album based on it. As far as the album side of the project goes, I figured I’d use some of my old, unused musical ideas and fuse them with some new musical elements I intend to introduce.

And that’s that. See ya soon!