DOOM (2016)

This is a list of all SnapMaps I have created for the 2016 rendition of DOOM. In addition to the map name, there should be a SnapMap ID given. If there isn’t, chances are I forgot it. You can search for the maps in DOOM SnapMap by either their name or SnapMap ID.

Steam Workshop support for this game would’ve been greatly appreciated on my part, though…

  • Facility of Wasted Effort (2016) [HM43PGX4]
  • Wasted Effort: Part Deux (2016) [QX6HVLN6]
  • The Day Doomguy Cried (2016) [NQ94JGB5]
  • Descent to Madness (2017) [ZBA9679P]
  • The Wails of the Lost (2017) [G3F5JLYK]
  • Dream of a Blood Red Sky (2017) [WWDHY8YS]