The Making of Devil Ex Machina: Part 1 – Gear and Software



So yesterday, I had the idea to start a mini-series documenting the creation process of the upcoming Devil Ex Machina EP on The Santtu Pesonen Project’s YouTube channel. This is the first episode of the series where I discuss the gear and software used in the making of the album. I also give a brief description of the recording setup I used for each instrument.

Currently, the series is intended to be a 5-part mini-documentary. The topics covered in each episode are planned to be as follows:

  1. Gear and Software
  2. Drums
  3. Bass and Guitars
  4. Vocals
  5. Mixing and Mastering

Stay tuned for the rest of it!

The SP Project album #8 title reveal + teaser


So I’ve been meaning to make a post about this here, and now that I finally took it upon myself to do so… well, here we are.

Anyway, chances are you already caught it on either Facebook or Twitter, but I released a little teaser video of the upcoming The Santtu Pesonen Project EP. I also gave the title of the album: Devil Ex Machina.

Speaking of the new EP, the production stage of it is now finished. The album will be ready for release as soon as my commissionee gets the cover art done. I’ll also be doing a limited-edition physical run of the EP, so keep an eye peeled for details on that in the near future!

And in case you didn’t see the teaser, the link to it is right here:

Bye for now!

Production for The SP Project’s 8th album begins!


So in case the title didn’t tell you enough, The Santtu Pesonen Project‘s 8th album is now officially underway! I just did the drum parts for all 4 songs yesterday – so that’s roughly 25% of each song done already.

I’ll be posting more on my social media outlets as I work on the album (or EP, if you want to be accurate). The album’s details will also be revealed along the way – it might take a while longer than usual, though, main reason being that I outsourced the cover art and commissioned it from an actually competent artist for once.

Either way, stay tuned!

Deliverance 2600 beta stage launches!

It is with immense joy and pride that I finally, after two years of work, announce the launch of the beta stage of Deliverance 2600!

As of the launch of the Beta 0.9 build, everything has been fully implemented – only the finishing touches need to be applied. Mainly this means balancing the mod. And finishing an area I apparently left untouched for some reason.

In case you have any suggestions for tweaking/balancing the mod, do feel free to let me know, preferably by commenting either on this post or on the download page of the Beta 0.9 build on the mod’s ModDB page.

The release date of the final release version will be announced in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned and enjoy.

Happy Red Ball Thing released!

Hello there!

So I just finished and released my first ever Fusion 2.5 platformer game, Happy Red Ball Thing. Now this was first and foremost an exercise in familiarizing myself with the engine’s workflow, so it isn’t the most elaborate thing. Either way, in case you’re interested, you can download the game for free here.

I already have another idea for another 2D platformer, but that one will have to wait a tiny bit. But I promise it’ll be a lot bigger and less simplistic. And I mean a lot.

In any case, enjoy if you decide to try it out, and have a great day.

A couple of updates


So I figured I’d write another general update post to keep you in the loop about the things I’ve been working on lately.

First off, The Santtu Pesonen Project’s next album is ready to begin its production phase soon enough. I’m still writing the last song of the bunch, but I estimate it should be done come next week, provided no tremendous distraction makes its appearance. Once I finish writing it, I’ll start putting the thing together.

Speaking of distractions, I started working on my first 2D platformer game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 recently. It’s a game called Happy Red Ball Thing. Now, it isn’t so much a fully serious project as it’s just a fun little experiment to familiarize myself with Fusion’s workflow. Either way, the GameJolt page for that should be appearing soon enough. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally, the big D. The Doom total conversion project that’s kept me worked for nearly two years now. Deliverance 2600. Fortunately enough, it’s tantalizingly close to completion. Essentially all that’s left to implement is the final boss and a couple additional things. In all honesty, though, I’ve had a bit of a hard time finding the motivation to finish it up lately, especially with the two projects I mentioned above. But it’ll see a full release this year. I swear with my hand on a Bible.

As far as Deliverance 2600‘s Alpha builds go, there’s one more of those coming up, and then it’ll be followed by at least one Beta build before the final release. Keep an eye out for that announcement in the near-ish future.

And that’s all for today. See ya!

Announcing The SP Project’s 8th album!

It’s sure been a while again, eh?

Either way, if you follow my musical solo endeavor, The Santtu Pesonen Project, on social media, chances are you’ve seen some mentions of a new album I’ve been putting together lately. I never announced it formally, though, but I figured now would be the perfect time to do so.

I won’t be revealing the album’s name just yet, but it’s been more or less confirmed already. The new album will (hopefully) consist of 5 songs, all of which are complete with lyrics – so, no instrumentals essentially. This will in fact be the project’s first album since Soulscape in 2015, and overall the third, to not feature a single instrumental.

As for the album’s current status, I’ve finished writing 4 out of the 5 songs. I haven’t begun the actual production yet, but chances are I’ll start recording the tunes in the following couple of weeks.

With that, stay tuned!