This is a list of all DOOM wads I have made or otherwise contributed to. Most are pretty serious, but I made a few just to fool around. Click on the name of a level or level set to be taken to its dedicated page, where you can find screenshots, information about the wad and, of course, a download link.

Personal projects

2010Prayers of ArmageddonDoom 233
2011Hell’s AsylumDoom 21
2011Stana PrkleDoom 21
2012I Wanna Be The Hell VeteranDoom 25
2013Bleeding SkiesDoom 26
2014The Stars of StyxDoom 23
2014Prayers of Armageddon: RetaliationDoom 232
2017Deliverance 2600Doom/Doom 21
2019Satanic Gameshow DeluxeDoom/Doom 2N/A
2020VandomizerDoom/Doom 2N/A
2020GomorrahDoom 26
N/Asmaller projects and failed experimentsN/AN/A

Community projects

2016Abisso OscuroDoom 217
2020Isolation: Strain 2Doom 232
2020A Piece of HellDoom 25
20213×3Doom 229
2021Oops! All Greyboxes!Doom 211
2021The 128kb mapping extravagant “challenge”Doom37
2021Tenth GearDoom 232
20213×3: Take TwoDoom 230