This is a list of all musical albums I have made or otherwise contributed to. Please take note that single releases are not listed here. Click on each album to be taken to its respective Bandcamp page, where you can also download or buy the album.

You can also download MIDIs of some of my tunes here or here.

Personal projects

Hekkräisernoises i hear in my sleep2021
MFG38I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran OST2012
MFG38The Stars of Styx OST2014
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 1 – 2013-20142014
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 2 – Rest of 20142014
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 3 – 20152016
MFG38MFG38’s Average Adventure REDUX OST2016
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 4 – 20162016
MFG38Deliverance 2600 OST2017
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 5 – Mostly Remixes2019
MFG38Gomorrah OST2020
MFG38Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 6 – 2019-20202020
MFG38MFG38’s Average Adventure 2 OST2021
Santtu PesonenThe Everflowing River EP2015
The Santtu Pesonen ProjectThe Santtu Pesonen Project EP2013
The Santtu Pesonen Project XVIII2013
The Santtu Pesonen Project Archforce2014
The Santtu Pesonen Project The Broken and the Reborn2014
The Santtu Pesonen Project Soulscape2015
The Santtu Pesonen Project Roots2015
The Santtu Pesonen Project Poetry for the Lost2016
The Santtu Pesonen Project Devil Ex Machina2017
The Santtu Pesonen Project Phoenix2019
The Santtu Pesonen ProjectThe Fall2021

Creative Commons License
All of my personal musical works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 license. They are free to use for non-commercial projects. If you wish to use my music in a commercial project, I will ask for a small payment. Please contact me at so we can discuss and agree upon an appropriate amount fitting your project’s budget.

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